The Principles E-Book

This is a required textbook if anyone wants to be able to play music on the guitar without obstacles .
Only 000.001 % of the world's population can learn guitar successfully alone. The infinitesimal number of really good players speaks for itself. Students need proper training in how to think like a good guitar player. This type of thinking is highly complex or everyone would play guitar just like they wish. But they simply cannot...until now.

The principles is the only book to my knowledge that actually puts every learning step into clear focus and tells you how to practice it. Where other books get vague and unspecific the principles gets to heart of the technical matters at hand with step by step how-to guidance that has proven to be highly effective worldwide in any style.

The Principles allow you to learn to play anything you desire- with the necessary work- Be realistic! and don't fall for the common idiotic lies on the media: In other words: If you want to be a world class virtuoso expect to practice 4 to 11 hours daily for 5 to 10 years. But for those who want to play in a band or write songs or accompany themselves, it becomes possible to do so in a about year or less with the principles systematic approach and a minimum of 1/2 hour of practice every day.

The guitar is- in-spite its popularity- the most complex instrument to master technically bar none. Other instruments require more force or limb independence but none has the devilishly intricate technical complexity and microscopic minutiae that baffles 90% of those who try to really succeed as they had hoped for. This is why so very few amateurs can actually play songs from beginning to end with any sense of musicality and delight.

Those days are coming to an end! The principles is saving larger and larger numbers of aspiring players from the common fate of never quite being able to play the guitar fluidly, easily, musically and naturally...

I found nothing unusual or hard to read about the book's literary style or type size. The printing is as professional as any books I have...and the paper is top quality.

This book takes the time to explain to the intelligent reader how the book's content works psychologically and physiologically.

It is a book for those who are into the guitar for the right reasons and want to really master the way to practice the instrument to the point of excelence and beyond.

I agree with the reviewer that compared it to a Bruce approach because it is fundamentally the same way to mastery.

Tai Chi also comes to mind. As a practitioner of martial arts I can see the commonalities and why they work so devastatingly well on the guitar.

Highly recommended!

GUITARRAS, 11/07/2008
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