The Principles E-Book

I purchased Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar and let it sit on my shelf for 3 months unread. I was studying with an excellent guitar instructor in LA during this time. He kept implying that I wasn't making the progress that I "should" be making. I figured I might find some helpful guidance in Jamie's book, since he was offering criticism, but not really giving me much direction.

Since studying Guitar Principles I have made truly noticeable improvements in my dexterity, speed and tone. The exercises have become a staple of my practice routine. I can see how these fundamentals effect all aspects of my playing.

I have just ordered the DVD that demonstrates the principles.

Any time someone tells me they are considering learning guitar, I tell them that they would be foolish not to start with this material. I have never found anything close in any other instruction book or with any of the teachers that I have studied with.

Thank you Jamie.



Shaune San Cartier, 12/08/2010
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