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THE PRINCIPLES E-BOOK: A complete description of all practice methods and exercises that lead to guitar mastery. 

THE PRINCIPLES VIDEO INSTRUCTION: Jamie desmonstrates all the practice methods and exercises that lead to guitar mastery. 

Description: "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" (often called "The Holy Grail Of Guitar") has become famous with guitar students and teachers around the globe. It is THE most essential book for every guitar player, and is applicable for all levels and all styles.

"The Principles" is a scientific guitar method that uses the laws of body mechanics to train your fingers to play the guitar. It is the only method based on the scientific laws of how the body learns, and when you are learning guitar, you must follow these laws.



"The Principles" will give each hand a firm foundation of technique, as well as teach you how to practice and get solid results from every practice session. "The Principles" is the key to all your future guitar growth!

"The Principles" teaches beginners how to avoid all the usual problems, and shows long-time players how to get rid of the problems they have developed from years of incorrect practice. Anyone can learn to get the kind of results professionals get by using the "Principles". You will find out what CORRECT PRACTICE is...the way of practicing which actually makes you better each time you do it!

No other book explains so clearly and so completely what you need to know, and what you need to do to really train your fingers to play the guitar well. "The Principles" method builds the solid foundation of technique that will enable you to work all the way to mastery of this instrument, if that is your goal.

"The Principles" applies to ALL STYLES.....Rock, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Heavy Metal, Acoustic...they all use the same fingers to play the notes, and the way we develop and teach the fingers is essentially the same for all styles. Whatever your musical interest, "The Principles" teaches the fundamentals of training the fingers for fast and easy movement on the fretboard.

"The Principles" is composed of three elements. There are 26 Foundation Exercises (specific routines) to be done during practice, that will build technique (playing ability) in a step by step fashion, each step building on the previous one, and preparing for the next.

There are 34 Understandings (concepts) which you must understand in order to begin to practice effectively, and 7 Tools (practice approaches) to be used to solve problems in playing. These approaches are based on certain key Understandings, such as Muscle Memory and Sympathetic Tension, as well as the true nature and function of Attention and Awareness during the practice process.

What you will learn from "The Principles"........

  • How tension becomes "locked-in" to muscles when you practice without sufficient awareness.....
  • How and why you adapt to that level of tension, how you are limited by it, and how, as time goes by, you consider it "normal".....
  • How you can cultivate "microscopic awareness", and how this awareness will allow you to practice with a new level of relaxation, "un-locking" the tension from the body, and how over time, muscle memory will help you build an entirely new foundation of technique.....
  • How playing the guitar can become an entirely new experience! What seemed hard (because you were really fighting your own "locked-in" muscle tension) will now be, and feel, EASY!




Product Details

Title: The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar (Second Edition)
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Second Edition Copyright 2005)
Paperback: 106 pages
Formats Available: PDF / Kindle / ePub and 19 Videos (mp4 (100 minutes)
Language: English
ISBN#: 978-0-9755285-2-5

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By Robert R. on November 10, 2022
For the material it covers, this is the most detailed and comprehensive how-to guide I have found for the pure mechanics. Somewhat disappointed as it seems to stop short of presenting more in-depth actual mechanics, methods, and practice drills.

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