Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course Package

The training in this course will give you a solid foundation for playing any style of guitar that uses the right hand fingers, whether classical, folk, blues, etc.


Description: This course download is a step by step “Principled” approach to using "Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1" as a basic textbook for developing a solid technique which will enable you to reach the highest levels of playing the classical and fingerstyle guitar. The course contains effective practice methods never before published anywhere, and they are based on vitally important analysis and information about the essence of fingerstyle guitar technique.  
The 78 pages of this course download are covered in 6 sections, or Groups; complete each group at your own pace. It is specially designed for beginners as well as for advanced players seeking to remove playing problems.

...Will Enable You To Master These Vital Techniques

*Coordinated action of thumb on basses and fingers free stroke on top melody
*Thumb, index, middle picking patterns
*Complex left hand movements made simple
*Fingers Rest Stroke on Melody with Thumb Bass Accompaniment
*2, 3 and 4 notes adjacent strings free stroke
*6 note arpeggio patterns
*Thumb Rest Stroke

Found only in this course....

New Understandings
*The Cycle Of The Note
*Left Hand Force Configurations
*The Effect Of Finger Action On The Thumb
*Pressure Placement

New Tools/Techniques
*Finger Leaves
*Action Cues
*The Touching Technique
*Condensed Chords
*Continuous Contact
*The Thumb Lean

*Proper Training of the i-a combination
*Proper Training of the 2 fingers Free Stroke-Same String/Adjacent Strings
*Proper Training of 3 Fingers Free Stroke-Same String (TREMOLO)/Adjacent Strings


You can use either a classical, nylon string guitar, or a steel string acoustic. You can play with or without fingernails. Fingerpicks are not recommended. Two textbooks are required:

“The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar” (order here)

and Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1" (order here).

From the Author
"Stairway to Heaven, Dust In The Wind, Blackbird.....yes, we all love these awesome fingerstyle guitar songs. That is why it is such a shame that so many guitar students are clawing their way through these songs, as they struggle to get those right hand fingers to play the right strings, and get the music out smoothly and easily.

Well, Guitar Principles is putting an end to that situation! Our "Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course" will give you a right hand that is completely trained to play ANY fingerstyle song or musical passage you will ever come across!

Filled with powerful concepts and training methods for both hands, you will reach a level of skill you never thought possible."

Happy Practicing,

Product Details
Title: Classical/Fingerstyle Foundation Course Package
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2005)
Format: Instant Download
Language: English

Please note: This download includes 3 zip files, each containing 2 sections of the course, for a total of 6 sections. After you download and save them to your computer, you may right click each zip file and select "extract", in order to unzip the contents of this course. Also, downloadable courses are non-refundable. If you need guidance on which course is right for you, contact






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