Inside the Virtuoso Mind [7 Critical Essays for Reaching your Highest Potential as a Guitarist]

Description: These seven essays on guitar are vital for every serious guitarist and have inspired us to put together this compilation.

There are a number of deep understandings about music and learning to play it on the guitar that we must have if we are ever to reach our fullest potential as guitarists. This group of essays sets forth these concepts with a level of detail that will revolutionize how you think about practicing and playing the guitar. Ultimately, they will revolutionize your playing.

7 Critical Essays
  • Lao Tzu on Problem Solving
    The #1 thing we are looking for when we practice.
  • Bruce Lee: Sometimes It’s Not How Fast You Move, But How Soon You Get There
    There are 3 Great Questions we should ask during practice with every note we play. The answers will make our practice perfect practice.
  • The Perfection of One Note Leads to the Perfection of the Next
    Why a “note” is different for a guitar player than it is for a music listener.
  • The Two Most Important Things in Life (and Guitar)
    As in life, so in guitar. The two most important factors that make your practice effective, or ineffective.
  • When You Can’t Put it Together, It’s Time to Take It Apart
    When we practice the devil's in the details. Here's how we find the devil...
  • Penetrate Form, Uncover Essence, Discover Wisdom
    There is a way that all great guitarists think about practicing and playing. Here it is...
  • Confront Your Confusion
    What physical tension does to the mind, and how this can destroy your ability to make progress as a guitar player.

Product Details

Title: Inside the Virtuoso Mind
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2004/2009)
PDF: 52 pgs.
Language: English

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