The Principles E-Book

In 1969 as a teenager I had a guitar and tried to solve the mystery of playing at the level I heard others play, and like I heard myself in my head, but could never see the light at the end of the tunnel. By 1973, though not 100% convinced in my heart, I resigned myself to fact that I must be a “listener” not a “player” and it remained an unrequited fantasy until June 2009 when I finally allowed myself to acquire a guitar and started strumming, then practicing almost every day. 8 months later I discovered Jamie Andreas and The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar. That was 9 months ago at the time of writing this and the progress is remarkable. Even though the Principles stress that you practice extremely slow the exponential growth over just nine months is light years away from those first 8 months. In fact, the way I approach and play the guitar today is what used to mystify me as a teenager. With Jamie’s instructions; clear, precise and specific, not only do I see the light at end tunnel, but more importantly the journey through the tunnel is illuminated every step of the way.

Alexander Thomas, 11/27/2010
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