Webcam Lesson

I started playing guitar when I was 58. I had a series of very nice teachers, some of whom were performing at the Blue Note. But they were essentially musicians rather than teachers. Three years later I have made some progress, but I never reached the desired speed and understanding how to really play this instrument that I love so much. Even practicing three hours a day didn’t dramatically improve my playing. Ultimately I have read the “Principles” by Jamie Andreas, and this changed everything. I decided to take some Skype lessons with her, which I am busy doing for the last three months.

This is just an incredible experience in life; it’s not only about how to position your fingers from the left or the right hand, about how to feel the strings, the exact pressure you exert. You learn not only to play with your brains and your fingers, but also to coordinate all this, your arms, your shoulders, and your respiration. Most importantly, you learn to analyze in depth every note you play and to correct everything that could be wrong. This kind of focusing and in depth analysis of every step is so incredibly fundamental, so fun, and so rewarding. As an MD, PhD, I spent my life in the academic environment, but I have never met such a dedicated teacher.

Today if I would have to start again the education of my children, I would not send them to any of these prestigious schools but to Jamie Andreas. She would teach them better than anyone else how to focus and understand what they are doing. And this is just applicable to any field.

Thank you Jamie!

Adam, Paris, France

Adam Telerman, 01/30/2016
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