Webcam Lesson

I have picked up the guitar on and off for more than a decade but never made much progress with it because of persistent wrist pain that would start after about 10 minutes of playing. I had heard about Jamie and when a friend randomly invited me to Las Vegas I jumped on the opportunity to do in-person lessons. Over the course of four hours split over a weekend, Jamie worked with me to adjust hand and finger position and deal with tension issues to the point that there was no more wrist pain!

Instead I felt everything in the top of my hand, up my arm, and into my shoulder. I felt like I had gotten an actual workout instead of having injured myself. It's been only a week since then and I now have a practice schedule and see a real way forward and have already made more progress in this past week than in years on my own. I will be signing up for the web lessons for sure.

Jennifer, 05/24/2019
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