Webcam Lesson

I had the principles of correct practice and wanted to ensure that I applied it correctly to bass. The Skype lessons with Jamie accelerated my progress to an astonishing rate. I started to play things that I never thought that I would be able to, and my speed and accuracy just sky-rocketed. Also the speed that I learn things is so much faster.
I joined a band and they are constantly amazed by this and they just assume that what I play is correct (rightly).

Jamie's ability to point out things that I would otherwise not notice is uncanny, even across a Skype link.

I am playing songs now (Californication, White Wedding, Superstition) that If I had attempted them six months ago would have led to muscles in my arms seizing up and back/shoulder/neck problems.

Amongst other things, Jamie has taught me how to play and be relaxed while doing it, even at ferocious tempos.

I heartily recommend Jamie's teaching. She is the best teacher I have worked with, and I have seen lots of teachers over more than 25 years.

Michael Ashton, 06/18/2016
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