The Foundations Of Rhythm- How To Read & Play Rhythm Notation


Learn to read, understand, and play any rhythm you see! important part of being a real musician!

Guitar students so often do not understand how to read rhythms, even if they have taken lessons where they were supoosed to learn how to read music! This course will give you the complete understanding of rhythm notation in a series of clear, step by step chapters that will make you a master of rhythm!




  • Detailed explanantions of all rhythmic concepts in a way you have never seen before!
    • Notes, beat, ties, dots, time signatures, meter, syncopation, the proportionate relationship of note values
    • You will learn the real meaning of terms like "beat", "meter", "syncopation", and many other concepts often misunderstood by students
    • How to analyze a rhythm and write in the counting symbols so that you can tap a steady beat and sing the rhythm

You will see your musicianship soar as you finally become confident about the rhythms of the songs, leads, and pieces you are learning!


The Foundations of Rhythm One
The Purpose of This Course
The Definitions of the Basic Elements of  Music: Notes & Beats        
Measuring Out Time to Sound    
Lesson Review

The Foundations of Rhythm Two

Dividing the Beat: Using Counting Symbols         The Parts of The Beat        
The Use of Counting Symbols
Lesson Review
The Foundations of Rhythm  Three
The Proportionate Relationship of Note Values The Time Signature
Lesson Review

The Foundations of Rhythm  Four

Strumming Rhythm Patterns Written in
Music Notation
Exercises and Review     

The Foundations of Rhythm Five

Exercises and Review       

The Foundations of Rhythm Six
Ties, Dots, Rests, and Syncopation Lesson Review
The Foundations of Rhythm  Seven Sixteenth Notes





Product Details

The Foundations of Rhythm
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Copyright 2004/2016)
PDF: 50 pgs.
Language: English








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