How To Touch a Guitar String

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  • Manufactured by: Guitar Principles Inc.

Most guitar students never learn the first and most important thing a guitar player needs to know: how to correctly touch a guitar string!

Your entire future with the guitar depends on knowing how your fingers need to touch the strings, and that is why this is the first thing taught in "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". (You can learn this directly from Jamie in the "Stage 1 Foundation Training Class"). 

Important Points:

1). How you touch the string will determine whether you become a good player or a struggler.

2). There are 3 Parts to the touch of the string. With every note you play, each phase must be handled correctly in order to play well, and certainly to master the guitar.

3). Most guitar students never learn the correct way to touch the string and so never realize their full potential on guitar.




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