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Description: You will find complete instructions on how to properly practice all the techniques covered in "The Principles" book, and countless insights and approaches that facilitate the guitar learning process.

The Principles Video Instruction covers all vital training for right hand finger picking exercises which lead to complete independent control of each finger of the right hand, and the ability to use them with lightening speed, while keeping the rest of the arm relaxed.

Then, it is on to left hand training, going through the essential exercises that lead you to discover the inner sensations that lead to solid guitar ability. This will enable you to go as far as you wish on the road to playing excellence. String push downs, finger flapping, the firm and light finger, the heavy and light arm, are all illustrated, as well as how these preparatory exercises are used in the Foundation Exercises of The Crutch and The Ladder.

After the exercises mentioned above, the Principles DVD gets to the heart of the matter: the Walking Exercises. Until the left hand can properly "walk" with finger combinations 1-4, 1-3, and 1-2, and do that without incapacitating the inactive fingers, there is not much point in practicing scales. This DVD will enable you to establish the proper "bottom of your practice", so that you will learn to walk, and then, using the Basic Practice Approach to build speed, you will learn to run!

The Chapters

  1. Sitting and Holding the Guitar
  2. Placing the Right Arm & Hand
  3. Right Hand String Shifting Exercise- Steps 1 & 2, Pickstyle
  4. Right Hand String Shifting Exercise- Step 3, Down Pick & Up Pick
  5. Right Hand String Shifting Exercise- Step 3, Pickstyle (View sample...)
  6. Right Hand String Shifting Exercise- With The Basic Practice Approach
  7. Thumb Up Exercise
  8. Right Hand String Shifting Exercise- Step 3 With Rest Stroke
  9. The Free Stroke
  10. Finger Dipping
  11. The Four & Six Note Arpeggio
  12. The Bouncing Thumb With Arpeggio
  13. Left Hand-The Floating Arm & Light Finger
  14. The Crutch
  15. The Heavy Arm & Firm Fingers
  16. The Crutch, The Heavy Arm & Firm Fingers
  17. The Butterfly
  18. The Ladder (View sample...)
  19. Your Future as a Guitar Player (View sample...)

BONUS FEATURE: "The Light", original composition performed by Jamie.

From the Author

"The Principles Video Instruction" will settle any questions you may have as to exactly how the Foundation Exercises are to be done. I guide you through each one, telling you where and how to focus your attention during the practice of these powerful exercises. As always, The Principles train the body in a holistic fashion. The larger muscle groups are trained first, so that they are able to support the action of the smaller muscles that operate the fingers themselves.

The problem with many guitar DVD's is this: they show you really cool things to play, but they DON'T show you how you can teach YOUR fingers to play it! Sure, the instructor can play that lightning fast lick, or complex fingerpicking pattern, but that doesn't help you much, does it? All you get is mere "content" (which you can get all over the web these days!); they do not give you KNOWLEDGE and they do not teach you HOW TO LEARN!

The "Guitar Principles DVD" will teach you, and make you a better guitar player for the rest of your life! "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar Video Instruction"  teaches you how to practice so that your fingers learn to play whatever you practice! Then, all that great music you have been trying to learn all these years is yours to enjoy learning!

I have every confidence that you will find this DVD to be an endless source of inspiration and enlightenment in your daily practice life. Simply put, after "The Principles" book, there is no better investment you can make in your quest to achieve guitar excellence!"...Jamie

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you purchase "The Principles of Correct for Guitar" book as a companion to the Video Instruction. The Principles Video Instruction shows you how to apply the concepts that are completely explained in the book.

Product Details

Title: The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar Video Instruction: 2nd Edition
Author: Jamie Andreas
Publisher: Guitar Principles, Inc. (Second Edition Copyright 2008)
Number of Videos 16
Formats Available:   Download course is in MP4 format.
Language: English
Running Time: 100 Min
ISBN#: 978-0-9755285-8-7

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By Patrik Lundgren on July 14, 2016
If you don't have a good guitar teacher who can help you learn how to practice correctly, don't even hesitate for a second. This book changed my whole perspective on practicing, bit by bit. And now, the practices in this book is a part of my daily morning routine. I love Jamie.

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