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Jody harry

guitar student/player

"Studying with Jamie on the Truefire video platform has improved my rate of progress tremendously! 

It is 24/7 support from Jamie. Any time a problem or question comes up in practice (and they always do!) I can send Jamie a video and I get a detailed video response back that keeps my practice moving forward strongly!"


What You’ll Get When You Study With Jamie On The Truefire Video Platform...


24/7 Personal


The more feedback you get on your practice efforts, the faster you improve. You can send Jamie a video with your practice, problems and questions any time. 

You get a video  back from Jamie explaining exactly what you need to do and a demonstration of how to do it. 

This will accelerate your progress at least 10x!

guitar hands

Continuous Development of Skills

Guitar Principles training is the only instruction that actually teaches you HOW to play the guitar, not just WHAT to play. You will continue to develop your fingers as you gain higher and higher levels of guitar skill. 

Beginning with "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" and including "First Chords & Songs", "How To Master A Scale", "The 6 Essential Scales", "Bar Chord Mastery"... you have access to all these courses, and much more from the Guitar Principles library. 


Learn The Music

You Love

One thing I really enjoy about working with my students on the truefire platform is working with them on music they have been trying to play and struggling with, often for years!

With the video back and forth being so effective, I am able to  surgically pinpoint and remove every playing problem that comes up.

When you join my Truefire classroom, I am able to transfer the vast body of knowledge that is "The Principles System For Guitar" quickly and show you how to use these powerful practice methods to master the music you love!!

Questions? Write to Jamie here...(jamie2@guitarprinciples.com)

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Get YOU moving forward, fast, on guitar!