bend release pull off on guitar

The Bend-Release-Pull Off On Electric Guitar

Essential Blues/Rock Technique: The Bend - Release - Pull Off One of the very common techniques used in rock and blues solos on guitar is the bend-release-pull off. It is heard all the time in solos, and very often is a

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minor pentatonic scale #3 on guitar

Minor Pentatonic #3-Hitting the Sweet Spot!

The Sweetest Licks You'll Ever Hear! This is one of the most rewarding scales to learn, for a few reasons. First, the form of it makes it perfectly suited for adding a few extra notes to the scale that provide

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develop ear speed

Develop Ear Speed to Get Finger Speed!

In the old days, (1960’s), when an aspiring rock guitarist wanted to copy those licks that Hendrix or Clapton was playing, they had to take that vinyl record and wear it out by picking up the needle and playing the

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pull offs on guitar ultimate guide

Pull-Offs (Guitar Lesson): The ULTIMATE Guide

Pull-offs on guitar can be tricky to master, but once you get the hang of them, they're one of the key ways to play faster and adds more of a fluid sound to your playing.As a result, it is one

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how to learn rock songs on guitar

How To Learn Rock Guitar Songs and Solos

How do we learn how to play rock guitar songs and solos so that they actually sound like the original? When a student wants to learn a  rock guitar song or solo, the student gets the tab off the internet,

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the most essential rock lick

The Most Essential Rock Lick

Want To Play Rock Guitar? You must knowThe Most Essential Rock Lick! The "7 Essential Licks" ​from the Guitar Principles "Rock & Blues Electric Foundation Course" In my first 25 years of teaching rock guitar, I isolated the key moves

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the slap strum on guitar

How to “Slap” on Guitar

What is Slap Guitar? Here is a little technique that pays big dividends in making your strumming more rhythmic, compelling, and engaging. It probably goes by many names, but I have always called it the "strum slap." It is very

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how to bend a guitar string properly

How To Bend Guitar Strings Correctly

Rock & Blues Essentials How To Bend A Guitar String Properly What You Need To Know...but won't find in other rock guitar lessons! When I was learning rock guitar it amazed me that no teacher I went to could explain

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