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What You Must Know To Practice Guitar Effectively

How Fingers Learn To Play Guitar The Power of Muscle MemoryYour fingers have this amazing ability, as does every muscle in your body, to “remember”anything they do. We all use this ability of the muscles in different ways in various things we do in life. We’re all familiar with how a carpenter will take a few […]

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What Does Practicing Guitar Really Mean?

Jamie Andreas practicing guitar

You know, you can’t get someone to take their medicine if they don’t know they have the disease! So I wrote this essay, “What is Practicing?” to get players to begin to get an awareness of what real practicing is, and compare it to what they are presently doing. There is a good reason many […]

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The 3 Levels of Guitar Practice

There are 3 Levels of Practice that guitar players must know how to use in order to achieve their full potential on guitar. They are Microscopic Practice, Assimilating, and Shaping. I have covered in detail these 3 levels, or aspects of practice in Chapter 5 of “The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar”. The first two […]

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The Fundamentals of Fun

​ We “play” the guitar…and you can’t play if you don’t know how to have fun!The subject of Fun is one of the most serious topics we can discuss. One of the greatest achievements of my lifetime has been the maintenance of the capacity for fun from early childhood. Another has been coming to an […]

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Becoming The Music

Why We Play MusicWhy do we play music? What is the root, the fundamental thing we are really doing when we play and practice music?   We play music because a great desire has been awakened in us; and that great desire is to become the music. It is this desire, which for some is a mild […]

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Mystery, Beauty and Grace

In my study of great musicians, I have noticed that the very greatest are also very spiritual. Bach, Beethoven, Barrios, Santana –  anyone of whom I have ever heard or read, and believe to be a divinely inspired musician, has a very strong spiritual sense.  I believe that  Spirituality, or the forms it takes when […]

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The Inner Master

Of all the things you can do to make sure you are enabling yourself to achieve your guitar playing dreams, finding the Inner Master is the greatest. All great players have found the Inner Master. The Inner Master wants us to be a good guitar player, and enrich the world with our music. How do we […]

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