2 bad habits every guitar player gets

2 Bad Habits Every Guitar Student Gets

There are a number of "diseases" that afflict the left hand in the course of its development on the guitar, diseases that take the form of built in "bad habits" that players acquire without knowing it. We get these diseases

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bend release pull off on guitar

The Bend-Release-Pull Off On Electric Guitar

Essential Blues/Rock Technique: The Bend - Release - Pull Off One of the very common techniques used in rock and blues solos on guitar is the bend-release-pull off. It is heard all the time in solos, and very often is a

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Making "Blackbird" easy to play

Optimizing the Movement Process On Guitar

Making "Hard To Play" easy to play! In “The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar” I stated that the average player whose common experience is to struggle with various difficult passages in the music they play, looks at a great

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right hand on guitar

6. Guitar Right Hand Position: Quick Tips (Classical, Electric & Acoustic)

Load More Free PDF Download: "7 Things That Will Change Your Guitar Playing Forever!" - learn to play guitar without pain, bad habits or struggle. Go here for instant access now >> Two Guitar Right Hand Positions On Guitar There

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guitar left hand correct form

5. Guitar Left Hand Technique – TWO “Correct” Positions…

Load More The 2 Left Hand Positions You Need To Know On Guitar: There is more than one "correct" guitar left hand position. Regardless of whether you play classical guitar, acoustic or electric… There are actually two basic left hand

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how to touch a guitar string

Guitar Right Hand Technique: How Masters Pluck The String

Load MoreToday I’m going to share with you one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to guitar right hand technique:Play from the guitar string: one of the secrets of the masters of the guitar.The best way to pluck the string,

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right hand string shifting ex (1)

The Right Hand String Shifting Exercise

TEACHING THE ARM TO MOVE THE HAND One of the most common problems guitar players have is getting around the six strings with the right hand, whether playing fingerstyle or pick-style. This exercise is very simple, and very effective. It

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build fast and accurate picking

Want Fast & Accurate Picking? Do This!

Building Strong Picking   I often get new students who have been playing for quite awhile. There is a serious flaw that I fix in literally every long time player I teach. I call it “wimpy picking”. It means the inability

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control pick grip on gutiar

Pick Grip: Don’t Over Tense

Get Control Of Your Pick! A lot of problems on guitar come from over tensing the pick grip. From strumming to scales, this causes problems This exercise will give you pick control.

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Training The Right Hand For Perfect Fingerstyle

Training the Right Hand For Perfect Fingerstyle Guitar Playing

The 2 Types Of Finger Strokes Used On Guitar There are 2 ways that right hand fingers are used when playing fingerstyle guitar. They are rest stroke and free stroke. I will explain each one and how to develop them.

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