how to touch a guitar string

Guitar Right Hand Technique: How Masters Pluck The String

Load More Today I’m going to share with you one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to guitar right hand technique: Play from the guitar string: one of the secrets of the masters of the guitar. The best way to

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build fast and accurate picking

Want Fast & Accurate Picking? Do This!

Building Strong Picking  I often get new students who have been playing for quite awhile. There is a serious flaw that I fix in literally every long time player I teach. I call it “wimpy picking”. It means the inability to

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control pick grip on gutiar

Pick Grip: Don’t Over Tense

Get Control Of Your Pick!A lot of problems on guitar come from over tensing the pick grip. From strumming to scales, this causes problems This exercise will give you pick control.

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Training The Right Hand For Perfect Fingerstyle

Training the Right Hand For Perfect Fingerstyle Guitar Playing

The 2 Types Of Finger Strokes Used On GuitarThere are 2 ways that right hand fingers are used when playing fingerstyle guitar. They are rest stroke and free stroke. I will explain each one and how to develop them. But

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how to hold a guitar pick

How To Hold & Use The Guitar Pick

How To Do A Correct Down & Up Pick run vid through otter

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How To Hold The Guitar

 SITTING & HOLDING THE GUITARHolding the guitar correctly first and indispensable step in playing the guitar easily and without pain. Many guitar students never realize that pain from guitar playing, or repetitive strain injury, begins with how they hold the

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the light finger

Discover The Light Finger

How Do Fingers Work On Guitar?A guitar player uses their fingers on the strings the same way a runner uses their legs. How is that done?We shift our weight to one leg.We relax the other leg and extend it forward.We

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guitar left hand bad habits

Guitar Left Hand: The 2 Bad Habits Everyone Gets

GUITAR LEFT HAND: THE 2 BAD HABITS YOU MUST AVOID Every guitar player gets these bad habits right at the start. Learn what they are, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them.... The Problem In Action:

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pull offs on guitar ultimate guide

Pull-Offs (Guitar Lesson): The ULTIMATE Guide

Pull-offs on guitar can be tricky to master, but once you get the hang of them, they're one of the key ways to play faster and adds more of a fluid sound to your playing.As a result, it is one

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The Tight Curl

Guitar Bad Habit #3: Pinky Curl Fix with “Tight Curl”

Can You Curl Your Pinky - All The Way?A guitar player needs to be able to curl the left hand pinky completely. If you can't you will have lots of playing problems. Here is the fix

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