right hand on guitar

Guitar Right Hand Position: Quick Tips (Classical, Electric & Acoustic)

Load More Two Guitar Right Hand Positions On Guitar There is a basic position for playing with a pick and a basic position for playing fingerstyle. Although pro players may use variations of these positions, we should learn these basic

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how to touch a guitar string

Guitar Right Hand Technique: How Masters Pluck The String

Load More Today I’m going to share with you one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to guitar right hand technique: Play from the guitar string: one of the secrets of the masters of the guitar. The best way to

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right hand string shifting ex (1)

The Right Hand String Shifting Exercise

TEACHING THE ARM TO MOVE THE HAND One of the most common problems guitar players have is getting around the six strings with the right hand, whether playing fingerstyle or pick-style. This exercise is very simple, and very effective. It

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build fast and accurate picking

Want Fast & Accurate Picking? Do This!

Building Strong Picking   I often get new students who have been playing for quite awhile. There is a serious flaw that I fix in literally every long time player I teach. I call it “wimpy picking”. It means the inability

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Training The Right Hand For Perfect Fingerstyle

Training the Right Hand For Perfect Fingerstyle Guitar Playing

The 2 Types Of Finger Strokes Used On Guitar There are 2 ways that right hand fingers are used when playing fingerstyle guitar. They are rest stroke and free stroke. I will explain each one and how to develop them.

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how to hold a guitar pick

How To Hold & Use The Guitar Pick

How To Do A Correct Down & Up Pick run vid through otter

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