Boredom & Guitar Practice

Even the most ardent and enthusiastic players and students will at some time or another, find that they must deal with the enemy of forward movement known as “boredom”. The experience can range from feeling a localized loss of enthusiasm

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how to relax on guitar

The Real Meaning Of Relaxed Guitar Playing

Hi Jamie,Supposedly, when certain people (these people obviously are those who are the best at playing guitar) play guitar, they experience a complete relaxation both physically and mentally. I was wondering if you experience this when you play? Additionally, I

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angus young

What It Feels Like To Play Guitar

The "guitar face" on Angus Young from AC/DC very effectively conveys what it feels like to play the guitar, really play. It feels GREAT! Try it!   A recent letter: What Does It Feel Like To Play The Guitar? Hi Jamie, I

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develop ear speed

Develop Ear Speed to Get Finger Speed!

In the old days, (1960’s), when an aspiring rock guitarist wanted to copy those licks that Hendrix or Clapton was playing, they had to take that vinyl record and wear it out by picking up the needle and playing the

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guitar practice is meditation

Practice is Meditation, Playing Is Prayer

Enlightenment is not a matter of seeing something new. It is finally seeing what you have been looking at all the time………..Jamie AndreasI often summarize my teaching this way: "I teach you how to pay attention, and what to pay

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Patience and guitar practice

Patience & Guitar Practice

Imagine a farmer who has planted his field with corn on Sunday. On Monday, he comes to check his field and sees no corn growing. He starts stamping his feet and swearing at the soil, saying it is no good

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 Guitar Playing Plateau? What To DoA student once asked me “how do you handle it when you hit a plateau, when you feel like you are stuck and you can’t get past the level you are at”. Now, of course,

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The 4 Essential Levels of Guitar Success

The 4 Levels To Guitar Success

Guitar Success means becoming a REAL guitar player. What is a REAL guitar player? A REAL guitar player is a player who: Plays music like it is supposed to sound, from beginning to end with no stops, starts, and breakdowns

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Guitar Philosophy The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life

The most difficult thing in life is finding something worth living for. The second most difficult thing is knowing when you've found it......Jamie AndreasOkay, let's be light hearted for once. Let's not talk about some heavy subject. Let's pick something

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Pulling Up The Slack

Pulling Up The Slack

“Pulling Up The Slack” takes us to the furthest edge of our ability, as fast as we can get there! The Basic Practice Approach (as found in The Principles) states, as Step #1: “Review and increase your understanding of what

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