Teaching You HOW To Play The Guitar - Not Just Giving You More Stuff To (Try) To Play!

All other guitar lessons merely try to keep you amused while the pile of songs you can't play gets higher. Exeperience the "Guitar Principles Difference"!


In 1998 I wrote "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar".

After 25 years of research into why people had trouble learning the guitar, I created a system for learning guitar that worked for everyone.

Shortly after publication, students began to fly to me from around the world, looking for the answers they had been seeking for years. They found them.

Here is the TRUTH about learning guitar...

  • Most guitar students fail to learn to play guitar!...sad, but true.
  • The people that learn to play soon get stuck and go for years and decades without getting any better!

These are the fundamental facts of guitar education that Guitar Principles addresses.

What I have done is this:

I have found out why people struggle with guitar, and I have invented a method that makes it possible for anyone to learn guitar, and keep getting better - that is it in a nutshell.

"The Principles" is the only guitar method based on the scientific principles of how muscles learn movements. Because it is scientific, it works for everyone!

Watch this video and find out!

These students have been trying to learn to play guitar for decades - using every kind of method out there.
Listen to their real life stories....

Are you frustrated by lack of progress?

We turn struggling guitar students into happy guitar players!

How? By giving you the fundamental finger training that all other methods and lessons don't!

Practicing but not getting better? We show you how to get solid results from every practice session.

Think of me as "The Guitar Doctor!

I fix guitar players. I heal their playing problems and make them happy, growing, "making music" guitar players!

Watch how I turned this struggling guitar student from someone who could NOT play the tricky guitar parts in "Fast Car"..............to someone that could!

7 Powerful Guitar Practice Tips That Will Make You Better - Every Time You Use Them!

If you're not getting better - you're not doing these things! FREE

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Super Excited About Practice!

I've recently started using "The Principles". I'm absolutely loving it so far. Your approach lines up perfectly with what I have learned in the past from meditation, yoga and lifting weights and seeing all the parallels is incredible and convinces me that your method will work for me.

I've been in a rut for a while, now I'm super excited about practice!

Kier  //  Guitar Principles Student

Jamie is the only instructor who teaches the physical ability to play guitar!

Folks, it’s absolutely true that Jamie is the only instructor who teaches the physical ability to play guitar. Except for those teachers who are wise enough to use Jamie’s method, I suppose.

I look around at the state of instruction for guitar, and I only find one person out of all guitar educators, who bases instruction on the science of producing sound, the biomechanics of doing it, and the neurology of learning to do it well. Jamie Andreas, of course. I just don't understand how out of 7 billion of us, only one has recognized the need to understand how our bodies and brains work, and how to apply that to playing and teaching guitar...

David Pike  //  Guitarist - Performer

I'm living proof that Jamie's Methods Work

Jamie's work is so incredibly unique and necessary. As a professional musician and music educator, I'm living proof that what Jamie teaches is completely valid, and it works!

If someone only cares about the chords or notes of a song, geez they don't need to pay me or any other teacher. Use Google and find that info for free. But "how" to play these things? Much different story, and Jamie is THE master at this!

William Rustrum  //  Professional Guitarist & Teacher

Show Me HOW To Get MY Fingers To Do It!

In my research, I noticed that existing guitar methods merely give you content..they show you WHAT guitar players do. I noticed that most guitar teachers merely demonstrated good playing to their students, over and over, and hoped the student would be able to do it too. This teaching method works - for about 1% of the population! I wanted to be successful with 100% of my students!

Mission Accomplished!

I am so happy to tell you that my mission was successful. Thousands of students around the world have testified to this fact - from beginners to long time players, from strummers to shredders, all of them have found the key to success and continuous improvement using "The Guitar Principles Path To Guitar Mastery".

No matter how long you have struggled to learn guitar, no matter how long you have been stuck at the same playing plateau, Guitar Principles will give you the knowledge and training you need to become the guitar player you always wanted to be. You will be amazed by what you will learn, and you will wonder why no one ever told you before!

If you feel like you are not making the progress on guitar that you should - "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" (the beginning of the Path) is what you are missing!

The Guitar Principles Mission Statement

"To enable anyone who wishes to play the guitar to be able to do so, and to enable anyone who already plays to get to their next level of ability.

This is done by teaching the student the "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar"