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Where Do I Start On Guitar?

The PHYSICAL & The MUSICAL: Understanding the 2 Aspects of Learning Guitar

Q: I am 58 old and I am wanting to learn to play the guitar. I do not know where to start!

Hi Jamie,

I can buy all the guitar courses I want but I do not understand the guitar. I am a retired lineman for the power company and I have done a lot of trouble shooting to find out why the electricity went out and find out what I need to do to repair it. In life threatening situations I have understood what is needed to be taken care of first but I can not just jump in and play. I can read music but understanding notes and chords on the guitar leaves me scratching my head. Can you please tell how I can understand the guitar and what do I do first?

Thank you, Christopher

Hi Chris, 

There is ONE very important thing you need to understand Chris. There are 2 aspects to learning guitar, and in the beginning, one is much more important than the other. The 2 aspects are:

1) The PHYSICAL part

2) The MUSICAL part

If you do not have the physical part on guitar, you can never get to the musical part. Think of baseball.....


You can know all the rules of baseball and understand the game completely. That will not make you a good baseball player. The most important things you must have to be a good baseball player are the ability to run, hit, and catch. These skills are more primary than the "understanding" the game. Any young kid is going to work on these skills first. Without these skills, you can "understand" the game, but not be able to play it.

Understanding the notes on guitar will not make you a guitar player, unless you have the physical part down first. Unless you can play notes easily with all fingers, change chords easily, strum and pick correctly, you are not even going to get in the game.

Watch this video for a more complete explanation.............

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