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Guitar Principles Beginner Package

Jamie is a great teacher. She teaches you guitar skills that no one else seems to know or care about. Each finger movement she teaches you plays an important part in becoming a skilled guitar player. 

She teaches you to pay attention to parts of your body that don't even touch the guitar, but play an important role in those that do. You'll learn things that you never thought matter when playing guitar and once you become aware of them, you will improve. You want to get better, start taking lessons with Jamie.

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The most common guitar student story...(if you are just starting guitar, read on, so that this does not become your story)...

You spend hours faithfully practicing, and you wonder why playing the guitar and trying to make music seems so difficult, in fact, most of the time it seems impossible.

You wonder if you will ever actually be able to play the guitar.

You think there must be something wrong with you, you just don’t have the talent.

“Maybe it’s my hands” you think. Or “Maybe my fingers are too short/too long/too fat”.

You ask advice from you teacher. Your teacher says “Keep practicing, it will get better”. You do. It doesn’t.

Wait, it gets worse...

Listen to Laurence's Story

7 Years Of Lessons - He Can't Play Anything!

  • You start to feel a bit guilty about all the money you have been spending on lessons, guitars, guitar methods and guitar products.
  • You have a pile of music you can’t play.
  • You have a wall of guitars you can’t play.
  • You are seriously thinking about giving it up, again. You remember the last time you gave it up, and then, hoping against hope, tried one more time, one more teacher, one more method, to learn to play the guitar.


This expert wrote "The Book" on how adults learn to play the guitar! ...Listen to what brain scientist Dr. Gary Marcus said about "The Principles" in his classic book "Guitar Zero". 

gary marcus quotes

Dr. Gary Marcus, Professor, NYU

talks about "The Principles"...ta

A cult classic “The Principles of Correct Practice

for Guitar”!

"A teacher who impressed me immensely was

Jamie Andreas...I got to _meet Jamie in person,

the more we talked the more impressed I became"

"Anyone who wants to be a good guitarist must start

with sound fundamentals...Jamie’s cult classic
book "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar,

would be a fine place to start"

Dr. Gary Marcus, NYU Professor
talks about "The PrInciples"...

Dr. Gary Marcus, Professor NYU

Why did Dr. Gary Marcus interview Jamie Andreas to learn about "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"?

Because "The Principles" is the ONLY Guitar Method Based on The Science of Learning


Dr. Gary Marcus, the eminent Professor of Cognitive Psychology at NYU and author of several books about how human brains learn, has taken on the subject of learning guitar - and used himself as the guinea pig! 

Convinced he had no talent for music or guitar, he faced his fears and plunged headlong into the often perplexing process of learning guitar as an adult. 

gary marcus book and quote

As he searched for the best guitar teachers he could find, one name kept coming up - Jamie Andreas.

Gary located Jamie and arranged and interview for his upcoming book, "Guitar Zero".

gary marcus cult classic

Follow The Science!

"The Principles" has been scientifically reviewed and approved. 

With "The Principles" anyone and everyone can be successful in learning guitar!

gary marcus quotes


These Students Learned "The Principles"...
...and finally learned to play guitar!


Marty, 74, Finally Gets The Basics He Was Missing...and finally learns to play well!

Chris, 10 years of lessons, the guitar felt like an alien creature, until "The Principles"

Linda is excited! She knows, with "The Principles" she can keep getting better!

What You Get In The "Beginners Package"....

"The Holy Grail of Guitar"

"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar'' E-Book...often called "The Holy Grail of Guitar" and "The International Bible of Guitar". This book contains the essential wisdom and methods that anyone can use to become a great guitar player...thousands of players have done just that. 

check out these reviews!...

106 Pages

Formats: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Language: English

What You Get In "The Principles" Book

left hand straight on gutiar


Forget all those scales you've been struggling with, you'll never play them well until your fingers have the fundamental training your fingers really need And they'll get them in "The Principles".

Guitar fingers need two things: curvature and separation on the strings (as shown above). The Foundation Exercises will develop the muscles of your hand so that you will play easily and confidently on the strings.. 

"The Principles" gives you 26 Foundation Exercises  that will teach your fingers exactly how to touch the strings with relaxation and an ease you have never known before. You will learn to play with with the ease of a pro!

principles concepts


There are certain things you must understand about how to train your fingers. If you don't know these things, you will get no results or poor results from your practice. 

When you do know and use these concepts, you will become a better guitar player than you ever thought possible. 

For instance, take the concept of "Sympathetic Tension". Did you know that every time you move a finger - other fingers tense up and become hard to control!  If you don't see this, feel this and fix this as you practice, you will make lots of mistakes as you play, and never know why!

"The Principles" will teach you how to eliminate Sympathetic Tension from your fingers as you practice. 

guitar practice methods


You will use these incredibly powerful practice methods to solve your problems in playing. These approaches are based on certain key concepts, such as Muscle Memory and Sympathetic Tension, as well as the true nature and function of Attention and Awareness during the practice process.

The most powerful method you will ever learn for achieving excellence on the guitar is "The Basic Practice Approach". Watch these students who mastered their music using "The Basic Practice Approach". 

Many of these methods have been used by great musicians for centuries to achieve superior playing ability. And, there are a few invented by Jamie Andreas and refined over her 50 year teaching career. 


Are You (Still) Struggling With Guitar?


This player needs "The Principles"!

This player needs "The Principles"!

There is still one method for learning the guitar that you never heard of before. Even though you haven’t heard of it, thousands of people over the years have not only heard of it, they have used this method,  and they have become real guitar players, making real music (you’ll meet them later).

In fact, this method works for anyone who uses it. All you need is two hands with fingers on them, and a brain that is functioning normally (you know, you  can walk and talk). The rest is guaranteed, because the rest is SCIENCE!


There are very good reasons you have failed every time you tried to learn the guitar, and none of them are what you think, and none of them have to do with you!

Missing Fundamentals

Here is the reason you have failed to learn the guitar:  you never got the fundamentals. 

When your child joins the soccer team and starts going to practice, they start to learn the fundamentals of playing soccer. They practice running, they practice kicking the ball, etc. They are not simply sent on to the field with the team and told to start playing soccer! That comes after at least some of the fundamentals are in place.

But with guitar, most of the time a student is “sent into the game” with no fundamentals whatsoever!

They are asked “What’s your favorite song”? And then the teacher gives it to them - regardless of how many hard-to-do things are in that song. Bar chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs, scale runs, it doesn’t matter.

The beginning guitar student does not even have basic finger control, yet they are given complex actions to perform on guitar!

When I started teaching guitar over 50 years ago, I swore I would never teach like this!

What You Get In The "Beginners Package"....

"All Exercises Demonstrated"

Videos Demonstrations of All Exercises From "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar''...nothing will be left to chance when you start practicing the Foundation Exercises from "The Principles"

Jamie demonstrates all exercises while talking you through the details of every movement. Your fingers will  be transformed into pro level fingers, step by step , as you practice along with Jamie.  

16  Videos

Formats: MP4

Language: English

'The Principles" Video Instruction

You will find complete instructions on how to properly practice all the techniques covered in "The Principles" book, and countless insights and approaches that facilitate the guitar learning process.

The Principles Video Instruction covers all vital training for right hand finger picking exercises which lead to complete independent control of each finger of the right hand, and the ability to use them with lightening speed, while keeping the rest of the arm relaxed.

Then, it is on to left hand training, going through the essential exercises that lead you to discover the inner sensations that lead to solid guitar ability.

Exercises include:

  • String push downs
  • Finger flapping
  • The firm and light finger
  • The Heavy Arm and Floating Arm

Finally, "The Walking Exercises". Until the left hand can properly "walk" with finger combinations 1-4, 1-3, and 1-2, and do that while keeping the inactive fingers relaxed, there is not much point in practicing scales. This video training will give you perfect control of your fingers. Your fingers will learn how to walk, and then they will be able to run!

I went through four teachers before I found Jamie. Thank God for that! Why is it that so many teachers forget what it's like to be a beginner?  Not Jamie, she is the guardian angel of all guitar beginners...David Milton guitar student


Hi, I'm Jamie Andreas, and I developed this amazing method for guitar called
"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"!

After years of getting inconsistent results with my students, I knew I had to develop a method for guitar that worked for everyone who used it. I wanted to be able to turn anyone who wanted to be a guitar player into a guitar player!

And I did that, because I found the one major problem that all struggling guitar players are suffering from - and I found the most effective way to solve that problem. 

The major obstacle that makes you struggle on guitar...

Excessive Physical Tension!

That's right. You may not know it, but when you are practicing and trying to get your fingers to play the notes you want them to play, I guarantee that:

Your shoulders are tense: 

All guitar students tense their shoulders when they practice. They don't know they are doing this, because they are not paying attention to their shoulders, and because no teacher has ever pointed it out.

Because of this, you cannot control your fingers. Because of this, you cannot change chords smoothly or in time. 

You often hold your breath and don't know it: 

That's right. Every student I have ever taught in my 50+ years of teaching holds their breath while trying to get their fingers into chords or when playing anything fast.

You are too, but you are not aware of it.

Your muscles remember this tension. Your muscles stay tense like this every time you practice;

 And what's worse, as time goes on this tension is locked in to all your muscles and you don't even feel it!

It's like wearing a straight jacket while trying to play, and you don't know you are wearing it. 

But wow, wait till that straight jacket comes off because of CORRECT will have a feeling of freedom like you never felt before!



So, as a teacher who wanted great results with every student,  I had to ask myself "What do I do about all the tension my students are playing with?"

Why do some people seem to learn guitar easily, and other people struggle for years?

So I went deep, very deep, and the result was my book...

"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

Often called "The Holy Grail of Guitar"


"The Principles" gives you actual, step by step methods for achieving the same state of physical control good players have.

These methods are powerful. 

These methods have worked for thousands of people worldwide.  

see students who have used "The Principles" play the music they have mastered...

"The Principles" will give you the keys to good guitar playing. 
You will learn that...


You will move your fingers much slower than you have ever moved them before. 


Whole Body Awareness

You will learn that you must pay attention to your whole body as you move your fingers. 



You will experience a feeling of ease, relaxation and effortlessness you have never felt before!


You will move your fingers much slower than you have ever moved them before. 


Whole Body Awareness

You will learn that you must pay attention to your whole body as you move your fingers. 



You will experience a feeling of ease, relaxation and effortlessness you have never felt before!


What You Get In The "Beginners Package"....

Learn THE METHOD for 

changing chords easily!

First Chords & Songs''...will teach you THE method to use to learn all chords AND how to change them easily. 

You will start with the 4 most important chords you should learn. Because of the training from "The Principles" your fingers will be able to make the necessary movements smoothly. 

You will also learn your first songs. You will go step by step from a simple "one chord song" to songs using all 4 of the chords in the course.  

PDF: 35 pgs.
MP4 Video: 11 videos,

38 minutes running time, 2.57 GB

How Good Guitar Players Eliminate Tension

How do some guitar players "make it look easy"?

It is important to realize that when you see a good guitar player, one who "makes it look easy"...they have discovered how to make their movements in a relaxed way, without extra tension. If they did not discover this, they would not be good players. 

This discovery is good for the guitar player, BUT, when that guitar player becomes a guitar teacher (as so many do, because they need to make a living), they do not remember, or even consciously realize what they did to get rid of extra tension! And when a student sits in front of them, full of tension and unable to control their fingers, they (the teacher) can't understand why the student can't just do it!

I've heard about "slow practice" slow?

Now, some teachers may be savvy enough to realize that the answer has something to do with slow practice. So they may say to the student "Play this slowly at first". PROBLEM: no guitar student knows what that word means, they have no idea how slow it is necessary to go to get rid of tension. 

My teacher keeps telling me to "relax"!

Some wise teachers may realize that it has something to do with being relaxed. So they may say "Just relax when you play". PROBLEM: That word is meaningless to the student who is full of tension.

Oh sure, they will nod their head and say okay, and then continue on with the same tension in all their muscles, shoulders up to their ears. For good measure, they will be holding their breath while trying to change that chord - a short road to disaster!

As a teacher, I soon realized I had to get way, way deeper than simply offering these common bromides to my students. 

vicki genfan on the principles


Why Is "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" Different Than Every Other Method? 

Well, the first reason would be this: because everyone who uses "The Principles" succeeds, and becomes a good guitar player who keeps getting better. If they already play and are stuck, they get off their plateau and move to a higher level as a player. But why is that? 

One word: SCIENCE!

All the guitar methods you have seen are not scientific. They are haphazard attempts to put various musical materials together so that you, the student, can make haphazard attempts to play it. 

It is no different than teaching swimming by throwing you in the lake, and seeing whether you drown, or are lucky enough to make it out alive! Most guitar students drown. 

"The Principles" methods are scientific. That means they produce predictable and reproducible results.

What makes something "scientific"?

You know you can’t argue with science, at least not real science. And what is real science? There are two main requirements for something to be called a “science”. They are:

  1. 1
    It is measurable. 
  2. 2
    It is reproducible. 


Whatever activity you are doing that is intended to achieve a goal, you must be able to measure the results you are getting. In guitar practice, our goal is to

…become able to play music on the guitar

…be able to keep getting better

If you are spending time in the activity called “practicing” and you are not getting better or you cannot tell if you are getting better – your results are measuring near zero!

If you start using a new method, and then you see yourself becoming the guitar player you always knew, and felt, and hoped you could be, well that is something worth measuring !

As you see yourself continuing to just get better and better, and you realize that it it directly proportional to the amount of this new method  you are using called “correct practice”, you realize that you must be doing something with some science behind it.


And then you notice that everyone else who is using this method is also getting better on guitar, measurably better. Now you know you are doing something scientific, because it is being reproduced in other people.

You can see this for yourself by watching these students who have been through Guitar Principles Training, and are now happily making music and getting better every day. You can see them in this "Student Showcase". 


Watch these students play. Notice the relaxed ease with which they make their music. They have all received Guitar Principles Training. 

student showcase

What You Will Learn In "The Principles Beginners Package"


You have struggled with guitar because you always practice too fast, period. You have never been taught how slowly you need to move your fingers in order for them to learn movements and do them easily, with pro-level relaxation. 

You will be shown exactly how to do that. 

method: The basic practice approach

This will totally transform your guitar practice. A step by step method you will use to train your fingers to do whatever you want them to do. The Basic Practice Approach will enable you to master any musical passage you practice. 

The secret: the gradual increase of speed as you move from super slow to super fast. The many correct repetitions that you will learn how to do will bring you results you never dreamed possible. 

You will learn how to use a metronome to bring your music from slow and perfect to fast and perfect. 

the foundation exercises

Your fingers have never learned the basic and simple movements that make up all more complex movements on guitar. That is why you have never really felt comfortable playing the guitar. 

The "Foundation Exercises" you get in "The Beginners Package" will give your fingers the skills that all guitar players need, and that you have been missing for so long.