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I am so happy and excited to give you the REAL knowledge about playing the guitar. 

You must know how to PHSYICALLY control the guitar (and your fingers!) before you can make music. 

This knowledge will enable you to control your fingers. You will learn about...

The Light Finger

The firm Finger

String Push Downs

The heavy arm

Feeling the tension of each note 

Releasing the tension of each note

This knowledge will open the door to a whole new feeling when you play the guitar. It will feel easy!

Open The Door To Guitar Excellence All The Way!

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"The Principles" is a scientific guitar method that uses the laws of body mechanics to train your fingers to play the guitar. It is the only method based on the scientific laws of how the body learns, and when you are learning guitar, you must follow these laws.

Wanna become a great guitar player? You know what you need to do!