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The 2 Kinds Of Guitar Growth You Need

Are you getting better on guitar, or just playing more things badly? There are two kinds of growth we can experience on guitar.  I call them Vertical & Horizontal Growth.Both are necessary, but Vertical growth is hard to come by!When someone who has been playing for awhile comes to me for a guitar lesson, I always […]

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How To Learn Rock Guitar Songs and Solos

How do we learn how to play rock songs and rock guitar solos on guitar so that they actually sounds like the original? When a student wants to learn a real live rock solo, the student gets the tab off the internet, then the student looks at the series of “numbers” on the tab sheet and […]

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RSI Guitar Exercises: The Best Treatment

Enter your text here…What is the best treatment for RSI from guitar practice? There are 2 steps: 1Fix your sitting position and how you hold the guitar when practicing.2Teach your fingers how to use minimum effort, and how to relax between efforts We must first understand that the term “Repetitive Strain Injury” is misleading. The problem is […]

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