right hand on guitar

6. Guitar Right Hand Position: Quick Tips (Classical, Electric & Acoustic)

Load More Free PDF Download: "7 Things That Will Change Your Guitar Playing Forever!" - learn to play guitar without pain, bad habits or struggle. Go here for instant access now >> Two Guitar Right Hand Positions On Guitar There

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what you must do to practice effectively

2. How to Practice Guitar Effectively and Avoid Mistakes

Load More Your Muscles Don’t Know Right From Wrong Muscle memory is excellent, but it can work for or against you. For example, what happens if you do the right thing once, then the wrong thing, and then various combinations

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guitar left hand correct form

5. Guitar Left Hand Technique – TWO “Correct” Positions…

Load More The 2 Left Hand Positions You Need To Know On Guitar: There is more than one "correct" guitar left hand position. Regardless of whether you play classical guitar, acoustic or electric… There are actually two basic left hand

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the basic practice approach

Build Guitar Skill with The Basic Practice Approach

You're Not "Practicing Guitar...you are doing  Motor Control Learning! When you sit down to practice guitar, you are not really "practicing guitar". You are really trying to teach your fingers to make particular movements in a particular way that will produce the

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what you better know before you practice guitar

1. What You’d Better Know BEFORE You Practice Guitar

Here are the simple things you need to be aware of and understand before you begin to learn the guitar. Pay attention to these things, and you will be successful on guitar. Body Awareness The awareness of the physical body

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9. Whole Body Awareness For Maximum Guitar Improvement

Tension In the Body Prevents Guitar Improvement One of the most important things you must keep in mind when you practice and play is thatall the parts of your body affect each other as you are making the movements involved

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8. Sympathetic Tension Destroys Finger Control On Guitar

Sympathetic Tension Makes You Unable To Control Your Fingers Let's talk about finger control on guitar.  We have learned about "The Cycle Of The Note" and how tension goes into the body with every note you play. Now it is

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The Cycle Of The Note

7. The Cycle Of The Note

Learn To Control "The Cycle Of The Note" - Or Suffer From Uncontrolled Tension!There are certain things that go wrong at the beginning of virtually all guitar students training. The most important of these is ignorance of what happens in

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Guitar Habits 1

4. Guitar Habits 1: Movement Follow Form

Form First, Then Movement No matter what field of activity, if it is done with your body you are going to find that the best training teaches you form before anything else. If you take dance lessons, they will teach

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no tempo practice

3.How To Do Correct Practice On Guitar: No Tempo Practice

How To Make Sure Your Fingers Do The Right ThingAt this point, we know two very important things about practicing guitar effectively.1Our fingers remember whatever they do, but they don’t know the difference between the right thing and the wrong

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