January 9, 2022

the light finger

How Do Fingers Work On Guitar?

A guitar player uses their fingers on the strings the same way a runner uses their legs. How is that done?

  1. We shift our weight to one leg.
  2. We relax the other leg and extend it forward.
  3. We touch the extended leg down on the ground, and we firm it up enough to support the weight of our body which we are about to place on that leg.
  4. We move our body weight onto the leg we have extended
  5. We keep repeating this process and it is called “walking’. When done fast it is called “running”. And as the old saying goes “You have to learn to walk before you learn to run”. Most guitar players never learn to walk, but try to run anyway!

Discover the Light Finger

This is how a guitar player should learn to use their fingers, unfortunately, it is almost never the way it happens! Most of the time, a new guitar student is given a chord or scale to play, and they frantically clutch at the strings, trying to get their fingers into what feels like an impossible contortion.

All this time, they are tightening not just their fingers, but their arms, shoulders, all the while holding their breath! Unless this changes, they will have big problems trying to move fingers easily on guitar, and most don’t.

Here is the salvation for all aspiring guitar players. I am talking about learning to have the necessary Finger Lightness. Watch this video, and you will learn how to get the Light Finger…

You probably feel better and more relaxed already! 

Let's take the next step in your left hand transformation - changing the Light Finger into the Firm Finger with String Push Downs......

Stacey - Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas


Guitar Student of Jamie Andreas

Jamie, I just want to say Thank You for your practice method and teaching guidance!

We had new friends over last night. They saw my guitars and asked if I played. I played and sang House of the Rising Sun on my electric and Fast Car on my acoustic. I am thrilled to say that I had no problem playing and singing both songs and although I had a few butterflies, when I placed my first hand position the slow practice and continuous contact with the guitar paid off and I was calm and relaxed throughout the rest of the song.

Considering a few months ago I struggled with simple 3 chord strumming songs, to play flat-pick and finger style confidently for others is a huge milestone!

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