September 25, 2021

guitar left hand bad habits


Every guitar player gets these bad habits right at the start. Learn what they are, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them....

left hand on guitar bad habits

The Problem In Action: Finger Squeeze & Finger Rise


Sympathetic Tension goes into the left hand of all guitar players. It's two main form are Finger Squeeze and Finger Rise. This tension, if allowed, becomes locked more and more into the fingers.

The unfortunate player will think this tension and the struggle to control the fingers is a normal part of guitar playing and is unavoidable. This is not true. 

I will show you what these two very bad left hand guitar habits look like, and then I will show you how to get rid of them or avoid them. 

Why Are Finger Squeeze & Finger Rise Bad In Your Guitar Left Hand?

These 2 bad habits of the left hand on guitar are bad because they make it difficult or impossible to play scales well on guitar. Scales become impossible to play fast when these bad habits are in the fingers. Because of this, the player will struggle every time a couple of fast notes appear in the music!

Finger Squeeze

finger squeeze on guitar

Finger Squeeze means that when one finger presses on a string, the finger next to it squeezes against the finger that is pressing. This means that all the muscles in the hand have tensed up. 

This tension will make it difficult to control the fingers and very difficult to use the finger that is squeezing. If that finger is needed, it will not be ready to play. This is one reason many students have trouble playing fast 

This young student is getting the bad habit of finger squeeze. if not fixed, this will handicap her playing forever

Watch this video to see the difference between a hand that has finger squeeze and one that is properly developed.  

finger squeeze on guitar

Finger Rise

finger rise on guitar left hand a bad habit

Finger Rise means that a finger that is not being used starts sticking up in the air when a different finger is being used. Because of this "economy of motion", or the ability of your fingers to stay close to the strings will be destroyed.  

For example, the faster the player plays, the higher in the air the finger will go. 

This happens to most guitar students when they practice scales. It happens especially to the little finger, but will happen with each finger at times. 

This student is practicing a left hand exercise, and finger rise is beginning to happen to the 2nd finger. 

Watch this video to see what finger rise looks like. 

finger rise on guitar


Sympathetic Tension Is The Problem

Simply put, every time a finger presses on a guitar string, the finger next to it will tense up. Often, all the fingers will tense up. This automatic action of the fingers happens to everyone, and must be overcome, or you will never be able to control your fingers. 

Read more about Sympathetic Tension...


What To Do About Finger Squeeze & Finger Rise

In addition to using the Touching Technique as demonstrated in the video above, The Foundation Exercises in "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" are the best way to get rid of these bad habits of the left hand on guitar. 

The Cure For Your Guitar Left Hand Bad Habits

jamie andreas guitar class

Why Wait? You can get your fingers fixed right now, quickly, by Jamie herself!

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The Prirnciples of Correct Practice For Guitar

The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar

This book contains all the information and methods you need to get Finger Squeeze and Finger Rise out of your fingers. 

You will also learn powerful methods like No Tempo Practice that are essential for gaining pro level guitar fingers.

This video shows you the exercise that cures these bad habits and also shows you how to practice them.

The Foundation Exercises Give Your Guitar Left Hand Pro Level Ability

One More Thing You Need!

No Tempo Practice


ALL guitar students practice too fast! You must learn and use the powerful practice method called "No Tempo Practice" in order to cure the fingers of Finger Squeeze & Finger Rise

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  1. I am self practicing guitar and I actually had no idea I am also practicing the bad habits. Thankful I found this. You are amazing! Looking forward for more tips and lessons.

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