July 7, 2018

How Principles Is Different (1)

How "The Principles" Is Different From Any Guitar Method You've Seen

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar"

.....Often called "The Holy Grail of Guitar"

The Foundation of Guitar Ability

"The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" is unlike any other guitar book you will ever see. It doesn't have any notes, it doesn't have any music!

Build The Real Foundation Of Guitar Playing Ability with "The Foundation Exercises For Guitar"

"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" has  what you really need: a series of FOUNDATION EXERCISES that will train your fingers for relaxed and controlled movement on guitar, PLUS the information you need to know to do them correctly.

As you do them, even for only a few minutes a day, you begin to build and strengthen the Foundation of your  playing ability. The Foundation Exercises, done correctly, prevent you from forming bad habits, and undo the bad habits you already have. 

Building The Foundation of REAL Playing Ability

You see, learning the guitar is just like building a house. First, you build the foundation. Without a strong foundation, everything you build on top of that will be shaky, and may just come crashing down. This is what happens to many players, because they were not shown, right from the beginning, what to do when they sit down to practice. They form many bad habits right from the beginning of playing, and they don't know it! But these bad habits will be with them the rest of their lives, making playing many things difficult, and other things impossible.

Did Your Teacher Give You This When You Started?

Very often, guitar teachers guarantee failure for their students in the first lesson, by giving them something to practice that no beginner can do without struggle. Such as....

  • A scale?
  • A C chord?
  • A song with many chord changes?

Trying to do ANY of these things in the beginning, before the fingers have learned to make simple movements in a relaxed way, will ruin you. 

Why Do Guitar Teachers Do This? 

Often, in lessons, the teacher gives the student a bunch of chords to some song they like, because the teacher thinks this is the best way of making sure the student comes back the next week, money in hand! As time goes on, the student notices they can't play anything their teacher has given them, and they become painfully aware of how insecure they feel as guitarists, and are filled with despair.

What Should Happen? 

Your ability to play the guitar is something you build day by day, practice session by practice session. If you are doing it correctly, it looks like this as time goes by:

How To Build REAL Guitar Ability

Upper Floors

Continuing to expand in any direction of musical growth you desire....

2nd Floor

Gaining more experience, and having these sounds become the language of Music.........

1st Floor

Using the developing ability to move the body and fingers to make musical "sounds".......


Understanding the Mind/Body Connection, and how to practice, which is using the mind to train the body......

Don't be foolish! Don't try to cheat, and build the upper floors of your structure without building the foundation first. If you try to play things you are not ready for, you will struggle and you will regret it!

You may think you are trying to play something "easy", or "beginner" material, but the fact is that all the music labelled "beginner" is already too complex for anyone who does not have the proper foundation. Your teacher may tell you "this song is easy". If you are struggling and not getting better, it is not easy! 

It may be easy for your teacher, it may be easy if you can already do it - and it WILL be easy for you, after you get the correct foundation. 


Well, if you are, you are lucky, and smart! You can get The Principles, and begin to learn the guitar the way it should be learned, and the way it needs to be learned.

If you are not, I suggest you keep an open mind, and continue to read about "The Principles", and explore the site. There is nothing here but the truth about learning, playing, and teaching guitar.

 Donna Z. in California was trying to get better on guitar for 30 years before she discovered the answers to her playing problems in "The Principles". She says.....

 ......."For anyone reading this who may be thinking there is another book and set of DVD's that will serve you better, I'd like to save you some time and money in saying that there is not..... " "I feel confident in saying that if you think another book or DVD will work for you, that you will be back. In the meantime, you will have wasted precious time practicing incorrectly....."

At The Very Least...............

I would hate to see you miss the opportunity that could change your guitar playing forever. PLEASE GIVE ME THE CHANCE to show you the truth about learning guitar, FREE of charge.

Get my "Guitar Success Series" and you will begin to learn, step by step, how powerful CORRECT practice is, and how to go about doing it. Then, you can make an informed decision about whether this path is the right one for you.

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