January 10, 2022

do you play guitar with tension

Take The Tension Test!

How much tension are you (really) playing with?

Practicing guitar while holding tension in any part of the body will prevent your fingers from learning the movements you are trying to teach them. Unfortunately, virtually ALL guitar students are doing this very thing!

Have you noticed? All great players look very relaxed when they play. And, their music sounds free and flowing. 

The worst thing is not knowing about your tension! So, take this quick little test to see how much tension you are holding in your shoulders, legs, or belly while you try to get your fingers into position on the guitar. You know what they say..."Knowing you have a problem is the first step in solving it!"

This is worth your time, because until you get body tension under control, you will not be able to control your fingers.

Correct Practice Is The Reason I Can Make This Look Easy!

I took a few group lessons. I started feeling that I was attempting to play way beyond my ability. The number of complicated techniques boggled my mind and frustrated my fingers. My right shoulder kept aching so much that I would have to stop playing and rub it.

The Principles explained many things about playing guitar that I had not noticed or knew to be on the lookout for. I have looked at many guitar instruction books, and this is the only one that really addresses where to be within your body in order to become a musician.

That rushing, frenzied, frustrated feeling in practice is gone now. Also, I was in pain before and I am not anymore. The "Principles" have helped me redefine and rediscover success in my playing and practicing."

Guitar Student finds success

Andy Guss


Guitar Success Secret #1: When you start to become aware of the tension you are playing with, and learn special methods for reducing and eliminating it, you will begin to see your playing improve dramatically.

The next step to Guitar Success is learning and using special methods for reducing and eliminating excess tension when practicing and playing guitar. These methods are taught in "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". 

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  1. Jamie is the only teacher that truly helps with correct practice. There teachers that have some really good content but NOT how to work with that content. Jamie gives you ability . I took my my lessons awhile ago and am now playing Hendrix, SRV, Pat Metheny, Bryan Adams and the list goes on. The point is without the principles…Forget it, I would of tossed my guitar in the closet and walked. I still have to constantly monitor my shoulder and hands for tension. You can't put a price on what she teaches you. P.S. What happened to the Rock and blues course,, it was awesome !!

  2. You are so right on about tension in the body,, muscle memory and it’s relationship to playing guitar. I knew there was a problem , I just didn’t know how to fix it. Thank you.

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