April 15, 2019

Are "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" ...For YOU?

The short answer: YES! If you are interested in finally getting pro level skill in your fingers!

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" is a scientific method for training your fingers in the fundamental and essential skills a guitar player needs. 

 This method has been successfully used by thousands of players around the world since its publication in 1998.  


It doesn't matter what style of music you play (all styles use the same fingers!) or what level of player you are,"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" will show you how to start learning guitar without getting all the usual bad habits - or show you how to get rid of the bad habits you have.

What Is "Correct" Practice?

Most people are very surprised when they begin to learn "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar". They find out what CORRECT PRACTICE is...the way of practicing which actually makes you better each time you do it!

They also discover how it is very different from what they've been doing when they practice. They are surprised to find out the importance of the MIND in the practice process, and how the powerful use of ATTENTION builds AWARENESS, and also builds the MUSCLE CONTROL necessary for good playing.

Correct Practice is what all good players do, whether they know they are doing it or not! That's how they got to be good players.

The Principles Are For...

ALL LEVELS..."The Principles" teaches beginners to avoid all the usual problems, and shows long-time players how to get rid of the problems they have developed from years of incorrect practice. Anyone can learn to get the kind of results professionals get by using the "Principles".

ALL STYLES "The Principles" applies to ALL styles.....Rock, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Heavy Metal, Acoustic...whatever your musical interest, "The Principles" teaches the fundamentals of training the fingers for fast and easy movement on the fretboard. After all, every style is played with the same fingers!

  • How tension becomes "locked-in" to muscles, when you practice without sufficient awareness, and how this tension destroys finger control. 
  • How and why you adapt to that level of tension, how you are limited by it, and how, as time goes by, you consider it "normal".
  • How you can cultivate "microscopic awareness", and how this awareness will allow you to practice with a new level of relaxation, "un-locking" the tension from the body, and how over time, muscle memory will help you build an entirely new foundation of technique.
  • How playing the guitar will become an entirely new experience. What seemed hard (because you were really fighting your own "locked-in" muscle tension) will now be, and feel, EASY!

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