Lesson 4. Holding & Using The Pick

GOAL: Learn how to hold the pick correctly, bring it to the string to sound a note and keep the arm and hand relaxed.

 Every time you play a note with the pick your hand, arm and shoulder will tense up. They must tense in order for you to keep the pick in position. However you must make sure:

1). You do not over-tense the hand. Only tighten your grip as much as necessary to hold the pick. 

2). You must release the tension after you play the note. Do this when practicing slowly, it will happen automatically when you play fast. 

Want to sit in on my  Stage 1 Foundation Training Class?

In this class you will get 3 things:

* Relaxed and Controlled Picking

* Strength, stretch and control of each left hand finger

* Knowledge of how to practice for powerful results each time 


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