Lesson 3. Correct Left Hand 


GOAL: Learn how to develop the left hand for pro level playing.

If you start training your left hand at the first fret, you will have a lot of playing problems! Yes, that is true, even though no one has ever told you that before. 

If you play at the first fret your arm is greatly extended away from the body. No beginner can use the fingers at the first fret and stay relaxed throughout the shoulder, arm and fingers. 

All my students start training the left hand up the neck at the higher frets so they can train the fingers to stay relaxed while playing. They gradually work their way down the frets. This is what you should do as well. 

Watch the video for more information...

Want to sit in on my  Stage 1 Foundation Training Class?

In this class you will get 3 things:

* Relaxed and Controlled Picking

* Strength, stretch and control of each left hand finger

* Knowledge of how to practice for powerful results each time 


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