July 4, 2018

guitar bad habits

Why Do Guitar Students Get Bad Habits From The Beginning?

It is really very simple. And I am going to explain it to you very simply.....

Playing Guitar Is a PHYSICAL Activity!

Whether you know it or not, playing the guitar is first and foremost, a physical activity. You need the co-operation of certain parts of your physical body to do it. If you do not train the body correctly and effectively from the beginning, you will not be able to control your fingers.

The first time you held a guitar and played a note or a chord, you didn't know that you were tensing some very important muscles in the body, especially the shoulders. This tension was there because you were trying to do things that no beginner can do without great tension. That tension was reinforced every time you practiced. That tension prevents you from making real music every time you try. It also keeps you on the playing plateau you have been on for years.

If you don't pay your dues to the physical dimension of guitar playing (and the vast majority of students do not) you will never play well or be the player you could be.......period.

Obey The Laws Of Teaching Muscles To Move

Your body follows certain laws in the way it learns new movements. Break those laws, and you are in trouble. Be ignorant of those laws, and you will have a difficult time. Now, you may be one of the lucky people, the ones we say have "natural talent", and you may naturally follow some of those laws, some of the time. But you will not learn as fast and as well as if you knew all the laws right from the beginning! And because of the things you don't know, you will be building bad habits, that you will have to work hard to undo later.

As you move further down your guitar journey, you will notice that there are many things you want to do on the guitar that you see other people do. You will notice that you are having problems doing them. You can't seem to play as fast as that guy and you fall apart trying to do what they are doing.

This means there are some extremely important things that you don't know! What don't you know?

  • 1
    You don't know how slowly you really need to practice in order to train your muscles for easy and relaxed control on the guitar. 
  • 2
    You don't know what parts of the body you must pay great attention to as you practice slowly so that tension is not built into your muscles.  

And if you are like me, you will feel like you would give anything to know HOW to fix what's wrong. The good news is that here you are reading this, so you won't have to go through what I went through.

You won't have to say what John Berg of Arizona said, reading "The Principles of Correct Practice" after 4 years of lessons: "I learned more in five minutes than I have in 4 years, doing the same mistakes over and over again. It should be required reading by anyone who really wants to play well!

Now you should learn about the 2 BAD HABITS EVERY GUITAR PLAYER GETS!

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