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how to touch a guitar string cover

"How To Touch A Guitar String"

You won't learn this anywhere else!...Jamie Andreas


“Learn the feel and the touch of that string, and what it does against a fret.”.....Keith Richards

"Jamie is one of the few teachers interested in the relationship between muscle and brain and how to use one’s body efficiently, decidedly rare in the field of guitar instruction.”   Dr. Gary Marcus, professor, NYU speaks of the teachings of Jamie Andreas in his NY TIMES Bestseller Guitar Zero.

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Guitar Zero

Guitar Zero

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Improve My Left Hand

Any one of these resources will transform your left hand on guitar!


This is a fully developed guitar left hand. Does your hand look like this? 

2 left hand positions guitar

There are 2 left hand positions used on guitar, the straight and the slanted. 

Learn about each one and why you should learn the straight position first. 

how to touch a guitar string cover

PRO guitar players take years to develop "the touch" of a master". You can start right now! 

This ebook contains secrets every guitar player must know.


All guitar students press the strings too hard! Your playing suffers for it. 

Discover the "Light Finger" and give your fingers a break!


One of the secrets of great playing is adding the weight of the arm to the fingers. 

guitar left hand bad habits

All guitar students get these 2 bad habits. 

They cripple your left hand and all your playing. 

Learn what they are and how to fix them.

don't start guitar at the first fret

All guitar students start guitar at the first fret, yet this is the hardest place to play!

The arm extended so far from the body locks great tension into the muscles. 

Learn why this has made playing harder than it should be for you, and how to fix it. 

Improve My Right Hand

Any one of these resources will transform your right hand on guitar!

Pick style or fingertyle, our training will bring your right hand to the pro level.

right hand on guitar

Movement follows form. 

You must have the correct form for pickstyle and fingerstyle in order to play your best. 

Here is how to hold the pick and position your hand perfectly for each style

the light pick on guitar

The source of a lot of picking problems is holding a constant level of tension in the pick hand.

Here is an exercise for lightening up your hold on the pick, and how and when to vary pick pressure.

full press pick

Here is a real "secret" of developing speed in your picking.

If you are not doing this, you WILL NOT get your picking up past 60bpm in 16ths, with power and control. 

the right hand string shifting exercise

This is the exercise I give all students to build picking speed. 

It uses the right hand alone. 

Full details on the secrets of powerful picking included. 

the cup position

Learn the right hand position for fingerstyle that will give you the most speed,
and control in your playing. 


rest and free stroke

There are 2 types of finger strokes used in playing the various fingerstyles on guitar. 

Here is the perfect way to train your fingers for Rest Stroke and Free Stroke. 

Get More Results From Practice

Any one of these resources will transform you as a guitar player!

Practicing guitar is a science. Science is cause and effect. If you learn and do the science of correct practice, you will become a good (or great) guitar player!


There are a few very important things you must know if you want to get any benefit from the time you spend practicing guitar. 

Don't waste time practicing and not knowing these things!

no tempo practice on guitar

Professionals know: "SLOW IS PRO"!

If you want to play fast, you have to practice slowly. That is muscles learn movements. 

How slow? No tempo practice will be a revelation. 

Your fingers learn movements by doing them SUPER slow, then increasing the speed little by little. 

The Basic Practice Approach is the step by step, foolproof method to use to learn anything on guitar perfectly!


Yes, scientists have studied how people become excellent at what they study. 

They found it has little to do with natural talent. It has to do with HOW you practice. Learn about it here. 

guitar practice organization chart

Download this guitar practice organization chart.

There are 4 Vital Areas you must include in each practice session. 

Learn what they are . Download this guitar practice organization chart and your practice sessions will be much more productive. 


sympathetic tension

Every time you touch a string with a finger, a very bad thing happens - your other fingers tense up!

This makes those fingers unable to play the notes they need to play. It destroys finger control. Learn about Sympathetic Tension and what you can do about it 

Anyone Can Learn Guitar! don't need "talent", you need the right instruction!

Jamie Andreas holding the Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar

Jamie Andreas with "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar"

Talent is simply the tendency to do the right thing. And you can learn the right things to do on guitar!

I have developed a method that teaches you the right things for your fingers to do! If you use this method, you will become a real guitar player, period (real guitar player: a guitar player who makes music that sounds like music).

My method is called "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". It has often been called "The Holy Grail of Guitar" because it tells you the real secrets of guitar mastery. More than that, it shows you how to practice so that you get these pro level skills into your own fingers. 

Read what players around the world say about "The Principles.